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5Analysis of Target Capture Data for Phylogenetics and Population GeneticsConference WideJohnson, Matt; Chen, Yanni; Price, Sherese; Bullock, Madison; Slimp, Madeline; Patel, Nikisha.
3Biodiversity data wrangling: Linking large phylogenies with species traits and ecologiesConference WideFolk, Ryan; Siniscalchi, Carolina; Guralnick, Robert; Engle-Wrye, Nicholas.
13Common methods in leaf gas-exchange research: an introduction to measurements, theory, and data analysisConference WideMuir, Christopher; Krieg, Christopher; Hupp, Jason.
20de novo genome assembly and annotation with an emphasis on phylogenetic and population genetic studiesConference WideLandis, Jacob; Li, Fay-Wei; Strickler, Susan; Powell, Adrian.
16Herbariomics-based biodiversity research: from specimen to phylogenyConference WideCai, Liming; Davis, Charles.
10Morphology and Classification of Compositae: Comps at the extreme editionConference WideBonifacino, Mauricio; Heiden, Gustavo; Mandel, Jennifer; Sancho, Gisela.
4Navigating Nomenclature – Publishing, typifying, and naming algae, fungi, and plants (The International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants)Conference WideKnapp, Sandra; Turland, Nicholas.Code
new names
11New strategies using iNaturalist observation dataConference WideSpear, Jill; Buma, Brian; Fawcett, Susan; Rebman, Jon.
14Phylotranscriptomic analyses: using RNA-seq data in phylogenetic reconstruction and evolutionary analysesConference WideSmith, Stephen; Yang, Ya; Goncalves, Deise; Larson, Drew; Chanderbali, Andre.
80Planting Inquiry in Undergraduate Science ClassesConference WideUno, Gordon; Poston, Muriel; Monfils, Anna.
12Planting the seeds of science communicationConference WideValdes, ImeƱa; Anghel, Ioana; Lichtenberger, Taran; Edwards, Molly; Alexander, Teressa; Martine, Chris; Williams, Tanisha; Corder, Brandon; Jacobs, Sarah; Xingwen, Loy; Parsley, Kathryn; Suissa, Jacob.
17Science, Art, and You: Harnessing Creativity from Process to ProjectConference WideChan, Patricia; Sipperly, Nicolette; Glos, Rosemary; Pham, Kasey; Guan, Clarice.
15Taking the Pain Out of Assessment: How to Measure Impact in Classrooms and BeyondConference WideParsley, Kathryn; Callis-Duehl, Kris.
Teaching Climate Change in a Botanical Context
Conference WideKrakos, Kyra Neipp; Soltis, Pamela; Koptur, Suzanne.
19The Promises and Perils of Pigments Part2: Quantifying Flower Color Across Scales (Part 1 was presented at Botany 2021)Conference WideWhittall, Justen; Narbona, Eduardo; del Valle, Jose Carlos; Berardi, Andrea.
8Using deep learning with digitized herbarium specimen image dataConference WideHodel, Richard; Soltis, Pamela; Ickert-Bond, Steffi; Fochesatto , Stefano; weaver, William.
7Using Digitized Herbarium Data in Research: Applications for Ecology, Phylogenetics, and BiogeographyConference WideSoltis, Pamela; Soltis, Douglas; Beach, James (Jim); Gaynor, Michelle; Cortez, Maria Beatriz; Mabry, Makenzie.
1238What Makes Botanical Illustration ScienceConference WideVorobik, Linda Ann.
9You are welcome here!: Cultivating inclusive research labs through intentional mentoring at Primarily Undergraduate InstitutionsConference WideIson, Jennifer; Wu, Carrie; Jud, Nathan; McCoy, Rachel; Lyon, Stephanie; Mulligan, Kimberly.

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