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414Archival fieldwork: “new” Arctic plant biodiversity data from backlogged herbarium specimensBotanical HistorySokoloff, Paul; Saarela, Jeffery; Doubt, Jennifer; Sharp, Lyndsey; Deduke, Chris; McMullin, Troy; Gillespie, Lynn.History
1046Gender disparity in plant naming: an analysis of women for whom plant genera were namedBotanical HistoryKnapp, Sandra; Gardiner, Lauren; Leachman, Siobhan; Lindon, Heather Lynn; Vincent, Sarah; Ulloa Ulloa, Carmen; von Mering, Sabine; Vorontsova, Maria.Diversity
generic names
women in science
333Jacob Peter Anderson and the Allure of Studying Alaska's FloraBotanical HistoryKlahs, Phillip.regional flora
732Mark Catesby: Three Hundred Years in South CarolinaBotanical HistoryFlannery, Maura.Mark Catesby
University of South Carolina Columbia
1050Revisiting Renaissance botanical literature in the eighteenth century: To illustrate or not to illustrate--that is the questionBotanical HistoryCook, Alexandra.Renaissance herbals
Rembertus Dodoens
John Gerard
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Botanical images
804The ‘Botanical Nieces’ of William DarlingtonBotanical HistoryMcColl, Ron; Cressler, Walt.scientific networks
nineteenth century botany
474The mycological and botanical legacy of Swiss naturalist Jean-Frédéric Chaillet (1747-1839)Botanical HistoryGrant, Jason.mycology
new species

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