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For Stress-tolerant mosses: adaptations to life on the edge, from genes to ecosystems

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Anenberg, Jasmine (2 Abstracts)
Antoninka, Anita (6 Abstracts)
Bailey, Lydia (1 Abstract)
Bowker, Matthew (6 Abstracts)
Brinda, John (1 Abstract)
Brinda, John C. (1 Abstract)
Dikow, Rebecca B. (1 Abstract)
Doherty, Kyle (2 Abstracts)
DuPre, Mary Ellyn (1 Abstract)
Durham, Rebecca (2 Abstracts)
Ekwealor, Jenna T. B. (3 Abstracts)
Fisher, Kirsten (1 Abstract)
Jauregui Lazo, Javier (2 Abstracts)
Mack, Michelle C (1 Abstract)
Melvin, Oliver J. (1 Abstract)
Mishler, Brent (1 Abstract)
Nosratinia, Sonia (2 Abstracts)
Oliver, Melvin (1 Abstract)
Ramsey, Philip (2 Abstracts)
Reed, Sasha (1 Abstract)
Rengifo Faiffer, Maria Cristina (1 Abstract)
Stuart, Julia (1 Abstract)
Tucker, Colin (2 Abstracts)

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