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Nguyen, Thu [1], Mitchell, Nora [2].

Temperature has greater effect on growth strategies in Helianthus than soil type.

Global warming is a serious ongoing problem, with rising temperatures potentially altering plants’ ability to respond. Understanding how plant species adapt to these climatic changes can aid in future crop development and conservation efforts. I assessed two measures of growth response, height and specific leaf area (SLA, a proxy for plant investment strategy) on three species of sunflowers (Helianthus giganteus, H. grosseserratus, and H. maximiliani). This experiment aimed to distinguish the effects of different temperature treatment and soil types on sunflower growth strategies. SLA has been shown to be influenced by both temperature and soil type with mixed effects, while height is known to be strongly influenced by temperature. Soil type did not have significant effects on either height or SLA, despite marginally significant interactions between soil type and temperature. Increased temperature resulted in an increase in height and a decrease in SLA for two species. These findings indicate that temperature has a stronger influence on plant growth than soil type, and that these species may shift towards conservative strategies with taller shoots in the future.

1 - University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, 651 University Drive, 330 Phillips Hall, Eau Claire, WI, 54701, United States
2 - University Of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, Department Of Biology, 651 University Drive, 330 Phillips Hall, Eau Claire, WI, 54701, United States


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