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Creanza, Joseph [1], Larsen, Garrett [1], Siragusa, Gregory [1], Venkateshwaran, Muthu [2].

Plant essential oils for the management of soybean white mold disease .

Plant pathogens are one of the major causes of yield reduction in crops. Fungicides and bactericides are routinely used to alleviate the plant pathogens to increase crop yield. However, most of the agrochemicals used to combat fungal and bacterial pathogens are rather toxic and has resulted in the degradation of our environment. One of the main goals of sustainable agriculture is to reduce the use of toxic agrochemicals, which can be done by co-opting the natural pesticides produced by various plants. One such class of compounds are the plant-derived essential oils, which is a class of volatile organic compounds produced by many plants for defense against various pests. Utilizing soybean white mold as a model system, we tested the efficacy of 12 different plant essential oils in combating fungal diseases of plants. We have identified three essential oils as most effective in controlling soybean white mold disease.

1 - University of Wisconsin Platteville, 1 University Plaza, Platteville, WI, 53818, United States
2 - University of Wisconsin Platteville, School of Agriculture, 1 University Plaza, 212 Pioneer Tower, Platteville, WI, 53818, United States

soybean white mold
plant disease management
plant essential oil.

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