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Dubacher, Aubanie [1], Porter, Ellinore [1], McCauley, Ross [2].

Phylogenetic patterns and geographic distribution of endemic Milkvetch (Fabaceae, Genus Astragalus) in the Four Corners Region reveals a contrasting pattern of species origin.

The Four Corners Region in western North America is an important area of species diversity in Astragalus. Sixty species occur in this area at the center of the Colorado Plateau with 18 being endemic. To help understand the patterns of speciation in this region, we use a combination of molecular phylogenetics and species geographical distribution obtained through georeferenced herbarium specimens. Phylogenetic analysis was performed using nuclear ribosomal ITS and ETS and chloroplast ycf1 sequence data. We analyzed patterns of species relationship individually by sequence type and evaluated patterns of cytonuclear discordance as a proxy for hybridization. We then combined phylogenetic and geographic distribution data to perform a categorical analysis of neo- and paleoendemism (CANAPE) to better understand the geographic distribution of phylogenetic diversity in the genus across the region. The combination of these analyses gives insight into the patterns of diversification and helps identify areas of conservation priority.

1 - Fort Lewis College, Department of Biology, 1000 Rim Dr., Durango, CO, 81301, USA
2 - Fort Lewis College, Department Of Biology, 1000 Rim Drive, Durango, CO, 81301, United States


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