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Liao, Irene [1], Fulford, Avery [2], Ostevik, Kate [3], Rausher, Mark [2].

Characterizing a North American representative of Ipomoea grandifolia (Convolvulaceae), a member of Ipomoea series Batatas.

Species from Ipomoea series Batatas in the Convolvulaceae family have similar floral and leaf morphologies, which make species delimitation challenging. An undescribed morning glory morphotype found in the southeastern United States, termed “Ipomoea Carolina morphotype,” was determined to be morphologically, genetically, and reproductively distinct from three other Ipomoea series Batatas species in the same region. A separate phylogenetic study compared I. Carolina morphotype with all other Ipomoea series Batatas species, and the results suggested that I. Carolina morphotype could be I. grandifolia, a species only described to be distributed only in South America. To assess the results from these studies, we tested cross-compatibility through crosses between I. Carolina morphotype and I. grandifolia as well as with three North American Ipomoea species: I. lacunosa, I. cordatotriloba, and I. leucantha. To characterize genetic similarity, we sequenced leaf transcriptomes from these taxa and several outgroup species to identify molecular markers and performed population genetic analyses. From these experiments, we find little to no cross-incompatibility and genetic differentiation between I. Carolina morphotype and I. grandifolia, suggesting that I. Carolina morphotype should be considered a North American representative of I. grandifolia. This finding raises questions regarding the dispersal of I. grandifolia into North America and opportunities to examine the evolutionary consequences of a disjunct distribution.

1 - UCLA, MCDB, 610 Charles E Young Dr East, 4018 TLSB Terasaki Life Sciences Building, Los Angeles, CA, 90095, United States
2 - Duke University, Department of Biology, Campus Box 90338, Durham, NC, 27708, USA
3 - UC Riverside, Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology, 3401 Watkins Dr, Riverside, CA, 92507, USA

Genetic differentiation
Ipomoea grandifolia
reproductive isolation
species delimitation.

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Number: SYST III005
Abstract ID:506
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