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Gernandt, David [1], Figueroa Martínez, Dante S. [2].

Species delimitation of the Pinus Oocarpae clade using the multispecies coalescent.

Multi-locus nuclear DNA sequences permit phylogenetic estimation and species delimitation under the assumptions of the multi-species coalescent. The systematics of the genus Pinus has received much attention, but appreciable differences remain in the number of species accepted in different treatments. The Oocarpae clade (treated by some as Pinus subsection Oocarpae) comprises approximately 18 species of North American hard pines (Pinus subgenus Pinus, section Trifoliae) distributed from the southwestern United States to Nicaragua, with its center of diversity in Mexico. We will present the morphological characters that distinguish the species of this group (principally leaf and seed cone characters) and a description of their geographic distribution, with emphasis on which species occur in sympatry. A time-calibrated phylogeny inferred from >500 low-copy nuclear genes for multiple individuals per taxon will be presented, and the multispecies coalescent will be used to delimit species. The significance of the coalescent results will be discussed with respect to morphology, geography, and the estimated age of the group.

1 - Universidad Nacional Autónoma De México, Apartado Postal 70-233, Mexico, 04510, Mexico
2 - Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Botánica, Apartado Postal 70-233, Coyoacan, Ciudad de Mexico, CDMX, 04510, Mexico

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