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Winitsky, Sophia [1], Lavin, Matthew [2].

Investigating evolutionary hypotheses using phylogenomic methods in the genus Marina, Fabaceae.

Marina Liebm. is a genus of ca. 45 minimum rank taxa in the legume family (Fabaceae) that includes many rare, overlooked, and geographically-restricted species distributed primarily throughout Mexico, with centers of diversity in the Baja California peninsula and the Balsas depression. In the last comprehensive study of this genus, Barneby (1977) described thirteen of the known Marina species from less than five collections. Even with recent increases in botanical data, five of those species are still known from a single locality. Meanwhile, the landscape of Barneby’s fieldwork has changed dramatically by rapidly increasing tourism, development and grazing with the intriguing hypotheses about the biogeography, ecology and origins of the group presented in the monograph remaining untested to this day. Our understanding of the relationships between narrow, endemic, rare taxa is urgent and critical to their survival. This poster will present a densely sampled molecular phylogeny representing 44 of the 45 minimum ranked taxa in the genus Marina and the phylogenetic analyses used to test taxonomic hypotheses, investigate ecological adaptations, and ask questions pertaining to the success of legume evolution at large, especially transitions into seasonally drought prone environments. This phylogeny was developed using DNA extracted from silica dried field collections and herbarium specimens, which was then enriched for targeted capture of hundreds of low-copy nuclear loci using the Angiosperm353 bait and then inferred using maximum likelihood and Bayesian approaches. Here, we will introduce undescribed species and one overlooked genus as well as an improved taxonomic understanding of the Marina as a genus, including rare taxa of conservation concern.

1 - 1079 66th Street, Oakland, CA, 94608, United States
2 - Montana State University, Plant Sciences Plant Pathology, 311 South Tracy Avenue, Bozeman, MT, 59715, United States

Baja California
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