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Naive, Mark Arcebal [1].

Saving Begonia (Begoniaceae) of Mindanao, Philippines: A checklist, lectotypification, conservation and description of new species.

Mindanao is the second largest island in the Philippine archipelago and has a rich and highly endemic flora. However, progress on documenting the Mindanao flora is hampered by a lack of alpha taxonomic studies and herbarium specimens. Such is the case for the genus Begonia that is still poorly known in Mindanao, thus, this study was initiated to achieve the following objectives: provide a verified list of Begonia species present in the island; conduct preliminary IUCN conservation assessments for them; and describe any new taxa discovered. A combination of literature review, herbarium examination and current fieldwork revealed a total number of 40 Begonia accepted species present in the island of Mindanao of which 39 are found to be endemic. To date,four of these species have been lectotypified and two new endemic species has been described. In addition, we provided the IUCN conservation assessment for these five species (1 Critically endangered, 2 Endangered, 2 Least Concern). This project aims to support future taxonomic revision and phylogenetic studies of Begoniaand will also help define and refine conservation policies in the Philippines to offer better protection for these narrowly endemic species.

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1 - Jose Rizal Memorial State University-Tampilisan Campus, Research and Extension Office, Tampilisan, Zamboanga del Norte, 7116, Philippines

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