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McKenzie, Patrick [1], Eaton, Deren [2].

Genealogy turnover rates under the multispecies coalescent with recombination.

The multispecies coalescent model (MSC) is used routinely in plant systematics. Species tree inference methods based on the MSC typically assume unlinked, non-recombining loci. However, as access to chromosome-scale genomic datasets becomes commonplace, it is important to characterize how recombination affects patterns of genealogical turnover. To better understand the effect of recombination under the MSC, we extend theory from the single-population sequentially Markovian coalescent (SMC’) to study genealogical turnover under the MSC. We present analytical solutions for the distributions of waiting distances until any change in the genealogical tree and of the waiting distances until a change in the genealogical topology, given a species tree model and a starting genealogy. We discuss the sensitivity of waiting distance distributions to variation in different species tree parameters, and we discuss the implications for species tree inference with standard multi-locus methods. Finally, we explore the potential extension of these solutions for improving species tree inference.

1 - 3601 Irwin Ave, Apt 4A, Bronx, NY, 10463, United States
2 - Columbia University, Ecology, Evolution, And Environmental Biology, 1200 Amsterdam Ave. , Schermerhorn Ext. Office 1007, New York, NY, 10027, United States

Multispecies coalescent
Species tree

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