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For Beringia!: Current Insights on the Geology, Climate, Paleontology, Floristic Assembly, and Biodiversity of a Subcontinent that is Central to Northern Hemisphere Biogeography

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Alaska (1 Abstract)
Beringia (2 Abstracts)
Biome shift (1 Abstract)
climate change (1 Abstract)
expeditions (1 Abstract)
Field Botany (1 Abstract)
Geology (1 Abstract)
herbarium specimens (1 Abstract)
Historical biogeography (1 Abstract)
Origin of floristic disjunction (1 Abstract)
Paleodrainage (1 Abstract)
Paleogeography (1 Abstract)
Phylogeography (1 Abstract)
Phytogeography of Northern Hemisphere (1 Abstract)
Pollen analysis (1 Abstract)
population genetics (1 Abstract)
soils (1 Abstract)
Surficial geology (1 Abstract)
teaching (1 Abstract)

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