Directions for Lightning Talks

Thank you for your submission of a lightning talk for Botany 2022. Both in-person and virtual attendees are allowed to present lightning talks. We are requiring all lightning talk presentations (both virtual and in-person) to be uploaded by July 11, 2022. If you are presenting a lightning talk you should have received an email on how to upload your video. If you have not, please email

  • Lightning talks are 3 minutes long, with three PowerPoint slides allowed (a fourth title slide is allowed but can contain only the title and the presenter's name). Talks are on new data, new ideas, new approaches, or anything else not ready for a full talk.
  • Prepare your slides as if it were a contributed paper talk. You can find tips on how to do that by clicking here.
  • All lightning talks will be shown as recorded presentations either in a "theater" for in-person attendees or will be playable online for virtual attendees. Attendees will be able to ask questions via email after your presentation.