Tips for recording your Contributed Paper and Colloquium Presentations

Directions for Lightning Talks
Directions for Poster Presentations

We are excited to host our first hybrid conference! To make sure that both the in-person and virtual attendees get access to presentations we are requiring anyone who is presenting contributed papers, colloquium, and lightning talks to upload a video of their presentation by July 11, 2022.  If you are a presenter and did not get an email with instructions to upload your video email

Contributed papers and colloquium talks are 12 minutes, with 3 minutes for questions.

Lightning talks are 3 minutes long, with three PowerPoint slides allowed (a fourth title slide is allowed but can contain only the title and the presenter's name). Talks are on new data, new ideas, new approaches, or anything else not ready for a full talk.

Poster presentations are for on-site registrants only and presenters cannot upload a video before the on-site poster presentations. You will be able to upload a video of your poster presentation AFTER you have presented if you wish, but not before. For more information on poster size, and other details, click here.

Tips for recording your presentations:

Pre-recorded presentations should all be as uniform as possible and should be created via one of the following options:

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Camtasia
  • iMovie
  • Another screencast software 


We need to have a clear view of the slides for the duration of the presentation. Please introduce yourself with a video or photo of yourself at the beginning. You can choose whether to only show the slides during the presentation or if you want to have a small window with you talking you can do that as well.  A PowerPoint template to use with Zoom is here. 

  • Have front lighting (do not sit with a window behind you).
  • Wear non-distracting clothing.
  • Keep the background as neutral as possible to reduce distractions. Please do not record outside or anywhere there is a lot of background noise. 


Be sure to wear headphones or a headset with a boom microphone. If you wear headphones without a boom microphone, carefully hold the microphone away from your clothes so they do not rub and create distracting background noises in your presentation.

Before recording your entire presentation do a quick test; start recording; say a sentence at normal volume, show your slides, and stop recording. Play it back and make sure it is something that everyone can accurately see and hear. Please note that this year staff will NOT be reviewing videos, so it is your responsibility to make sure the video and audio are clear, and the video is trimmed to the correct length.


Presenting and Recording your Online Talk for Botany 2022
A series of short videos by Bruce Kirchoff, Heather Phyllis, Elvis Foli, and Kristof Crank

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Einstein. 

This series of short videos will introduce you to the principles of online or recorded presentations. They cover the basic principles of how to present clear, easily understood technical talks. You will learn principles of good slide design, to use clear visuals to support your talk, how to focus on your most important result, and how to connect with your online audience. Three additional videos cover using Zoom, Prezi, and OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to record your video.


Individual videos: