Setting up Your Conference Profile and Agenda for Success

Set Up Your Profile Options and Features Before the Conference Starts

  • Go to
  • After clicking the link for your name at the upper right, go to “Edit my profile”:
    • Upload a profile picture
    • Adjust your name as you would like it to appear
    • Add any identifying features that you wish, including Title, Company, and Description
    • Add tags to your profile and those tags can be used when using the search function of the attendees list
    • Click the preferences tab at the top of your profile, choose whether you want to receive email updates (we strongly suggest you keep this unchecked – if you check it you will NOT receive important conference updates.)
    • In the same place as above, if you want to hide your profile from other attendees you may choose to do so here by clicking the associated box. The attendee list is one place where you can send messages or set up a one-on-one meeting by clicking the three dots next to an attendee name. You can also click on attendee photos throughout the site and choose “Schedule Meeting” or “Send Message” in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Once you are finished you can press save and come back to adjust your choices at any time.

Utilize the Conference Schedule and Set up your “My Agenda”

To access the conference schedule click “Schedule” and then “Agenda” in the top menu. You can scroll all the way down through the days or click on a day on the top to skip to a specific day. You can also choose to view the agenda via a “Calendar View”. Items on the schedule are color-coded and labeled by type and include a time with the time zone noted. You can search for specific schedule items via the search window in the top right.

You can add any of the schedule items to your “My Agenda” by clicking on the plus sign in the main conference schedule or by clicking “Add to Agenda” within the schedule item page. Please note it may take several minutes for an item to show up in your “My Agenda”. There are also opportunities to take notes within each schedule item, simply click “Notes” and you can download them later via the Agenda main page under “Export” and then “Download Notes”.

You can click on a schedule item to find more information as well as a list of attendees. You can click on both the speakers and attendees to visit their profiles (except those who have chosen to hide their profile). You can also send messages and set up one-on-one meetings with speakers or attendees by visiting the “Attendees” list under “People” in the menu and clicking the three dots next to their name.

Downloading Agendas
In order to download your “My Agenda” or the entire agenda to your calendar you can choose “Export” and then one of the options. BE AWARE, these agenda items will download to your calendar, so you may want to create a new calendar type just for this event so your personal or work calendar do not get affected.